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About us

Bath Bombs Etc. dba Bath-a-Licious was founded in September 2010 is military-family owned and operated and doing business as Bath-a-Licious. Based in the Deep South where the fragrant scents of flowers, together with southern breezes and southern hospitality abound, we have created a line of bath bombs/bath fizzies and fizzy body scrub which bring these scents to you and will allow you to not only experience a bath/shower that is relaxing but is pleasing to the senses.

We offer an extensive line of fragrances/scents and know that you will find several which appeal to you for your “me time.” If you’re looking for a relaxing, aromatic bath experience, Bath-a-Licious is the way to go. Our bath bombs and shower steamers are molded and produced individually.


We also have Bait Bombs! Bait Bombs are multi-sensory to attract bait fish so the larger fish are attracted. We have Bait Bombs for fresh and saltwater. Our Bait Bombs are made in the USA and release attractant scent, biodegradable glitter and Chum. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.